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StokeOnTrentEnterprise.co.uk is here to help small and micro businesses within the Tunstall area. We believe that 'help' should be as free as possible, we don't bombard you with opportunities to spend your money. Instead we're big into 'Self Promotion' and most importantly, providing the tools for you to do just that. There's absolutely no shame in shouting out loud to promote your business, in fact, that's precisely what you need to do! We're not an official Tunstall Enterprise Centre but a service/resource put together by a local small business owner who recognised the need for Tunstalls' small and micro businesses to get together and shout 'loud and proud' to promote themselves. Whether you're just starting in business for the first time or you're a small business that's been establised for a long time, we believe there's something helpful here for you.


You'll notice that there is a big emphasis on 'Self Promotion' here, that's because we believe that the people who can promote their businesses the best are those who know all about them, as a small or micro business owner, that's you! Below are three simple tools we've put together that can help you promote your business.

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When you join the community here on the www.stokeontrententerprise.co.uk website we ask you to provide your buinsess details and a short promotional description so we can add them to our Stoke On Trent small business directory.

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Of couse it's FREE to register, once you're a forum member you'll be able to chat with other business owners in Tunstall, the other of the Six Towns, the rest of Stoke-On-Trent and potential customers (be sure to include your contact details and links to your website), it all counts as effective self promotion.

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See current free offers and create your own! It might sound counter-intuitive to offer something for free that you might usually charge for, but it's been proven profitable to offer something small for free with a view to up-selling later.


It's good




talk !!

There's profit in numbers!

it's as easy as one, two, three..

Help us to help you! By recommending www.stokeontrententerprise.co.uk to other small and micro businesses in Tunstall you'll not only be helping us to increase the effectiveness of our service but you'll also be helping to promote your own business, the more users we have the bigger the audience becomes for your business too, together we can succeed!.

Why not take a look through the >> business directory << to spot potential customers, give them a call, tell them where you saw them, make a connection, it often leads to extra business your way!


We want to keep it real so we're letting you know that the Stoke On Trent Enterprise website makes some money via paid-for advertisements. We only accept advertisers who are relevant to our website audience. Please take a look at the adverts below, you may find something useful!

Write an Article

Sometimes it's good to give a little more detail about your business, getting your story out there and helping people to engage and understand what you're all about. All small and micro businesses' within Tunstall are welcome to submit an article like those below, don't forget to include links and contact details for your business. (We'd all appreciate a selfie too!)

Bryan Johnson


We all like to read a good article about accountancy.

Bryan Johnson

Qualified Sports Therapist

a good read about what and what not to do when training for a marathon.

Gregg Fishwick

Web Hosting & Domain Names

Admittedly, the subject of web hosting and domains name registration is not always high on the list of inspirational topics people want to read about, but I can say with 100% confidence that for all small business owners it's certainly something that requires some serious thought.
If you already run a small business but have no web presence to speak of, you can be limited to finding a domain name to match your business name, by far the best time to choose a domain name is at the same time as choosing a business name, in fact nowadays small business owners often choose their domain name first in order to reap the benefits from a well chosen domain name. when registering a domain name it's always good practice to register both of the most popular top level domain names for those of us in the uk, these are the .co.uk And the .com, failure to register on or the other might invite competition from unwanted sources.
When it comes to web hosting things become more straight forward, you simply need to know the features you'll require for your website, If for example you don't sell products online directly from your website or take payments via your website then the likelihood is that you'll only require the most basic of hosting, of course, there are other features you may need for your website, your website developer will be able to advise you in more detail. That said, there are many 'Do it yourself' web companies out there that provide great self service websites, those such as GoDaddy. Of course if youd like to check out our service at Computer Technology Limited, please do!

Free Offers!

We encourage all of Tunstalls' small and micro businesses to join us and promote a free offer of the kind you see below, if you find anything that you think is a good offer then you can see how submitting your own could benefit your business!

Attention All Retail Electronics Stores!

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Your Offer Here

Promote your free offer, don't forget to call your audience to action and provide the best way to contact your business.

Your Offer Here

Promote your free offer, don't forget to call your audience to action and provide the best way to contact your business.

Your Offer Here

Promote your free offer, don't forget to call your audience to action and provide the best way to contact your business.


We are able to offer paid-for 'advertising space' on our website to any relevant advertiser. If you would like to advertise on www.stokeontrententerprise.co.uk please contact us. Note: We only accept advertisers who are based within the Stoke On Trent area.







Tunstall Small Business Directory

(listed in alphabetical order)


Example Tunstall Business
Micro-business established in Tunstall for over 20 years, providing small business services throughout Tunstall and surrounding areas. .
Website: www.stokeontrententerprise.co.uk | Telephone: 01782 111 222


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Contact Us

It's easy to join us, please email contact@stokeontrententerprise.co.uk we endeavor to respond within 48 working hours. If you are submitting your business for inclusion in our directory please read the requirements below. (for joining the forums please visit the Forums to sign up there, it's free)

The ideal information for inclusion looks as follows:

Example Business Name
Example promotional description describing what your Tunstall based business does and what it has to offer its valued customers.
Website: www.example.com | Telephone: 00000 000 000 | Address: 1, Example Road,Tunstall, Stoke On Trent, ST0 S11

Plumber Stoke-On-Trent
General Plumbing and Emergency Plumbing Services throughout Tunstall and surrounding areas. This website currently available to rent.
Website: www.plumber-stoke-on-trent.co.uk | Telephone: 07521 580332

- The Business must be physically based within Stoke On Trent
- All businesses must provide either a contact telephone number or physical address, we do carry out checks to help ensure businesses are genuine
- Please do not submit any businesses that are illegal in nature

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